Spotlight Saturday with Peggy

Peg’s ponderings from the passenger seat…

“Spring is in the air, and my view from the passenger seat is amazing!!! We’re back home in Branson, and the view from my passenger seat window allows me to enjoy the beauty of Springtime in the Ozarks!!!

“We enjoy spending our winters in Arizona, and as Spring approaches, traveling through California and a few other states on our way home, where we typically spend a few days (just enough time to get caught up on laundry & drop off all of the annual temporary winter housekeeping paraphernalia), before we repack so we can get started on our next adventure. Though I sincerely love the opportunities we have to travel, one of the few downsides to this for me (someone who grew up in Minnesota and thoroughly enjoyed the wonder of watching the seasons change), is that the timing of our travels always seems to leave me feeling like we’ve ‘just missed’ spring. No matter the state, or where we are on our journey home, we always seem to pass through just after the flowers of spring are losing, or have lost, their petals, and the trees have gone from buds to leaves. We arrive home to find that spring has sprung, and once again…we missed it.

“This spring has been delightfully different, however! We arrived home in time to see the redbuds still on the trees. We saw the first, white leaves of the dogwood trees appear, as they always do, before the other trees along the winding roads of the Ozarks have leaves to cover their bare, brown branches. I find this view to be especially beautiful, because I am a tatter, one who uses shuttles and string to make tatted lace, and the white leaves of the dogwood trees, always seem to me like little bits of white lace, dancing on the breeze, floating among the trees. Earlier this week, while driving through Branson, we saw a couple of Royal Empress trees, in full bloom (look them up, they’re uniquely beautiful). Lilacs and other flowering trees and bushes give the hummingbirds, bees, & butterflies plenty to do. I’ve enjoyed watching several monarchs & black swallowtails.

“I’m amazed at the intricate and colorful details in all of God’s creation. I’m amazed, too, at how carefully He works out the intricate details in His plan for my life. Here’s just one of those little, intricate details that I find both ironic, and at the same time, amusing…

“When Michael and I met, he lived in Colorado, so when we married, I moved to Colorado. Ten years, and four children later, we moved to rural Minnesota. We moved in the winter, and when the snow finally melted (it snowed as late as Mother’s Day that year), we learned that three raised beds had been hiding under the snow, near the front of our house. As spring turned to summer, all three of the beds were filled with the same dark green foliage, which eventually produced stems covered in the brightest, boldest, longest-blooming yellow flowers that I’d ever seen. There were also a half dozen, or so, ‘stragglers’, having tall, dark green foliage, and purple flowers. Having just moved from Colorado, I easily recognized the flowers of the columbine, but the bright, bold yellow flowers below it had me stumped, so I went to the library, to look up yellow flowers in a book called a ‘Field Guide’. (Remember when we had to go to the library to read books, but in order to even find the books, we first had to look them up in a card catalog? Yup, before the days of laptops, electronic notebooks, and search engines, we had card catalogs and shelves of books. Does anyone else besides me feel a little ‘ancient’ right about now?) Oh, yea, the yellow flowers…I learned that they were a variety of evening primrose known as…Missouri Primrose. Looking back, it just strikes me as funny, that in our place in Minnesota, between where we’d come from (CO) and where He knew we were headed (MO), God was painting the details of our family’s life, from His perspective, in the colors of the flowers.

“So, perhaps the poet in me gets a little carried away now and again, but as I reflect on the flower garden that I enjoyed in Minnesota…a flower garden that I did not plant, in fact, it was hidden when we moved in, I give thanks for one more little reminder that the God who made me, and walks with me through each ‘today,’ sees and knows my tomorrows, just as easily as He knows my yesterdays. I’m also reminded of a little magnet that for so many years was on the corner of my refrigerator when we lived in Minnesota (it must have gotten lost in the move, as I’ve not been able to find it since we left MN, in May of 2011). On it was a picture of the perfect red rose, with a perfectly placed dew drop, along with a quote, accredited to Emerson, stating… ‘All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.’

“Springtime in the Ozarks is simply gorgeous!!! I’m thankful to have had these few weeks at home, to enjoy the beauty of this place…but, since we actually live IN Missouri now, I’m seriously thinking I need to plant some Missouri Primrose.”